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Course Begins on May 6, 2019
Only 15 Spots Available

This Group Coaching Course Helps Boost Your Media and Medical Writing Skills To Use Your Medical Degree in a New Way!

If you feel like your voice as a health professional needs to be heard…if you hate for patients not to have more health news they can use… if you know there must be more to life than just the traditional way of reaching patients…if you a ready to tell your story…then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…

This course will help you learn the basics every medical doctor in media should know. Over the past seven years I have worked with the local and national news, and have written for outlets like the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Medium, ABC News, and PBS NewsHour. I also spearheaded a book that is now a movement for women in medicine. The pearls that I have learned from my experiences can help jumpstart yours in media.

Even though jumpstarting your media career may sound appealing, it also may cause you to be afraid.

These are thoughts of many women in medicine who I have coached. The truth is that I was there too and can help you push past these fears to achieve even more.

If You Continue to Have Fear, It Just Gets Worse

What most people do when facing a fear is to try to conquer it; especially if they know they were strong enough to become successful as a doctor, but it is difficult to address the fear if you don’t have the steps to do it. Does that sound like you?

·       You may have heard of being a doctor in media but you aren’t sure if you are able to do it.

·       You worry that your voice as a doctor won’t translate well.

·       You think that people, including your colleagues, will view you as different.

·       You lack clarity about the direction in which you should proceed.

But what happens if you don’t push yourself? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? Nothing. You just try to carry on until you realize that there may not be anyone else who can discuss important medical topics like you do.


How This Course Can Help You Begin Your Journey in Media

I’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story: I first started working in media in medical school as a hobby and helpful distraction from the stress of schooling. Since then, I’ve written for magazines, blogs, and the “First Aid for Family Medicine” book. I’ve also written and appeared on PBS NewsHour in addition to writing for ABC News, Huffington Post, Kevin MD, and Not mention, I helped create, the voice for women in medicine. With my experiences, I have been asked by more and more women doctors to share tips how to get into media whether it be appearing on the news, writing blogs, or increasing social media presence. That’s how the idea for the 10-week course “Becoming a Medical Media Superstar” came about.

Rather than keeping all that I have learned to myself, I want to share some tips with you. 

Finally, It’s Your Turn

When you sign up for the 10 Week Group Course...

·       We will discuss several areas of media: blogging, health news, writing magazine articles, and more.

·       We will focus on topics like:

  1. How to Become a Media Superstar,

  2. How to Become A Brand Ambassador,

  3. How to Grow Your Social Media Game,

  4. How to Prepare for a Media Appearance,

  5. And so much more.

·       You will have four group calls with me and the rest of your cohorts in the program.

·       You will also have access to five bi-weekly training videos.

·       You will have access to a private facebook group in which you can ask any questions of current participants

·       You will have one 1-on-1 call with me.

·       BONUS! Once registering, you will get instant access to my “Medical Writing 101” course.


That’s right – this course can help you start a new phase of your medical career. You’d expect something like that to cost tens of thousands of dollars right?

But all this is included for the investment of $4,957.

Just sign up here to do that.

This course will help you begin your medical media career, and I think you will be delighted. If for some reason the course is not a great fit, then just let me know within 1 week of the course start – and you’ll get a refund. We’ll unsubscribe you from the content, no questions asked.

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: to do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. Another important voice from a medical expert not heard by the general public. Is that really where you want to be? Take a new action, and get a new result. Sign up for this 10-week intensive media coaching.

If you are not quite ready, subscribe to my website below to receive updates about future courses.

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