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Why Everyone Probably Needs A Therapist

Everyone needs a therapist. Yes, I said it! Why? Because it's true! Let's face it...all of us can have our crazy moments whether you want to admit it or not. Sometimes the way that we think may be "off" due to life dealing you some hard times. It may be that you are having financial issues, relationship problems, or a loss of a family member. It happens...LIFE Happens. And because of that...I always say that everyone needs a therapist. Yes, that means you too!

So what does a therapist or counselor actually do? Do they have you lay on a couch as your pour out all of your life woes. This could happen, but most of the time you are sitting in a chair, having a regular conversation. Your therapist can act as your sounding board and can help you find ways to address stressful situations in your life in a healthy way. Everyone should have an arsenal of stress relievers prepared for the moment when you feel like you a reaching your breaking point.

Your therapist can also could be someone to talk to by giving you time to check in with yourself. In this case, you can even include your friends as being "therapist/counselors". But be careful, sometimes you can't tell your friends and family everything. Again, having a professional can help in those cases where you feel like you can't talk to anyone else.

Now that you may be considering hiring a professional, where can you find one? Well, if you are a member of a church, your pastor or ministers within the church can serve as counselors. Also, some jobs have employee health care centers that also includes mental health. If you don't feel comfortable with these options, you can also go to your primary care doctor who can talk with you or refer you to a therapist. You have sooooo many options! When you do go to the therapist, you want to see if you feel comfortable with that person. If not, you can always try going to another. Your options are endless!

So you see...having a therapist or counselor does not mean you are "crazy". It means that you are HUMAN. Try one out and see what you think. You may find yourself telling others about your new found secret to living your best life!

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